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Tydax Medicine Ball | Wall Ball

All Products Strength & Conditioning Team's Picks Top Rated Tydax
Whether you want to destroy your abs, crush a leg workout, or leave your whole body feeling like jelly—Tydax offers a wall ball wrapped with...

Tydax Bumper Plate Storage Cart

All Products Gear & Accessories Rigs & Racks Tydax
Rolling into a space in your gym is the most convenient, durable and fully mobile plate storage - the TYDAX Fitness Bumper Storage Cart. ...

Tydax Ab Mat

All Products Gear & Accessories Strength & Conditioning Tydax
The Ab Mat is designed to give your abdominals the maximum range of motion so that you are engaging your entire core. This padded...

Tydax Beast Squat Stand 90"

All Products Rigs & Racks Tydax
Product Info: The Beast Squat Stand comes equipped with 3x3” 11-gauge steel uprights for extreme durability and operates within a footprint of 49”x49”. The...

Tydax Resistance Bands

All Products Strength & Conditioning Top Rated Tydax
Each Tydax Band varies in thickness and width for their respective resistance amounts. All bands are sold individually, and provide athletes the versatility that...

Tydax Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar System

All Products Rigs & Racks Strength & Conditioning Tydax
Manufactured with extremely durable materials, safely workout at home with the Tydax Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar System. Its sizable depth and compact design...

Tydax Competition Bumper Plates

All Products Bars & Plates Top Rated Tydax
TYDAX Competition Bumper Plates are crafted to adhere to IWF standard dimensions and colours. They come with a 450mm diameter, with a collar opening...

Tydax Band Pegs (4 pack)

All Products Gear & Accessories Rigs & Racks Tydax
Product Info: The band pegs come in sets of 4, and provide our Tydax Beast Rack and Squat Stand owners a variety of resistance band training options....

Tydax Beast Half Rack

All Products Rigs & Racks Tydax
The Half Rack Beast is a sturdy unit built with 3”x 3” 11 gauge steel uprights and cross-beams. The Plate Storage Attachments allow you to keep a clean...

Tydax 15ft Climbing Rope Manila

All Products Strength & Conditioning Tydax
Our Manila climbing ropes can take you to new heights! Grip, durability, and easy setup are 3 features to look for when buying a...

Tydax Vertical Plate Storage Rack

All Products Rigs & Racks Tydax
Compatible with all TYDAX Fitness plates, the TYDAX Vertical Plate Storage Tree is equipped with six 11.5” long storage posts measuring 2” each in...

Tydax Single Plate Storage Peg

All Products Gear & Accessories Rigs & Racks Tydax
Product Info: All Single Storage Pegs are compatible with our Tydax Beast Racks and Squat Stands.  Easily screw on your peg attachment, and stow away your plates, ropes, and anything...
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